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A personal adventure in prophecy: Understanding Revelation (A personal adventure in prophecy: Understanding Revelation)

Pocket Guide for Teens (Pocket Guide for Teens)

From the rising of the sun... (सूर्योदयदेखि सूर्यास्‍तसम्‍मै...)

The First Protestant Missionary to India: Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg (The First Protestant Missionary to ईन्डिया: Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg )

Pahilo Prakash (First Light) (पहिलो प्रकाश)

About Us


The Nepali Christian Resource Directory (NCRD) is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian web based service managed and maintained by the Nepal Bible Society (NBS).


To see Nepali Christians and Churches empowered and enhanced through increased and more effective use of available Nepali language Christian resources throughout Nepal and Nepali diaspora.


To see an increased availability, awareness and use of Nepali language Christian resources throughout Nepal and the Nepali diaspora.


  1. To network and gather information on all available resources, inclusive of all appropriate willing publishers, denominations, authors and organisations.
  2. To develop a web-site/database where all available Nepali Language Christian resources can be listed in a searchable format with information for obtaining them.
  3. To provide links for appropriate downloadable materials and participating websites.
  4. To promote and increase the use of available Nepali Language materials.


  1. The NCRD will be a self-sustainable Nepali-managed entity.
  2. Only Christian resources in line with fundamental (orthodox) teachings will be included in the directory. (Cult and False teachings will be eliminated.)
  3. All appropriate resources will be included regardless of denomination or affiliation.
  4. The NCRD will not distribute or sell materials listed on the site via Internet until proper system(s) is(are) designed.
  5. Each distributor, author or producer will be expected to contribute to this service to provide ongoing operational cost.
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