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Making Jesus Lord: The Dynamic Power of Laying Down Your Rights (येशूलाई प्रभु बनाउनु अधिकारहूरुलाई त्याग्दा पाइने गतिशील शक्ति )

Pahilo Prakash (First Light) (पहिलो प्रकाश)

Pocket Guide for Teens (Pocket Guide for Teens)

"Jesus" The Name above Every Name (सर्वोत्तम नाम "येशू" )

A Social History of Christianity: Northwest India Since 1800 (A Social History of Christianity: Northwest India Since 1800)

The Complete Bible Handbook (The Complete Bible Handbook)

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Author : John Bowker (लेखक : जोन ब्रोकर )
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley
Published Year : 2004
Endorsement :
Format : Print
Language Origin : English
Language Level : Academic
Cost : Payment Required
Restrictions : No Restriction
Summary :
Why did Jonah live in a whale? And how did Jesus turn the water into wine at the wedding in Cana? From Genesis to Revelation, this accessible companion explores and explains the most important stories of the Bible. Classical works of art and archaeological sites reveal fascinating details about life in biblical times including festivals, fashions and customs.
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   - EKTA Books Distributors Pvt. Ltd
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