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Ajambari Ganga Prasad Pradhan (अजम्बरी गंगाप्रसाद प्रधान स्रष्‍टाहरूको दृष्टिमा )

Introduction to the Bible, Volume 1, Bible Survey (बाइबलको परिचय, भाग १, बाइबल सर्भे )

The Parable of the Talents (सिक्काको दुष्‍टान्त )

Trinity (त्रियकत्व )

The Evidence Bible (The Evidence Bible)

Cross Behind Bars (Cross Behind Bars)

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Author : Jenny Cooke (लेखक : जेनी कुुक )
Publisher : David C Cook
Published Year : 2001
Endorsement :
Format : Print
Language Origin : English
Language Level : Secondary
Cost : Payment Required
Restrictions : No Restriction
Summary :
It is the biography of one man, but his story is pure and simple Evangelism, in more difficult circumstances than most of us will ever meet. An inspiring story of an ongoing mission from which we can learn a lot. Includes the full text of Light Through Prison Bars plus special update
Category :
Distributors :
   - EKTA Books Distributors Pvt. Ltd
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