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The First Protestant Missionary to India: Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg (The First Protestant Missionary to ईन्डिया: Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg )

Hamro Aashalai Jogai Rakhaun (हाम्रो आशालाई जोगाई राखौं)

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WHO IS LIKE UNTO THE LORD... (परमप्रभु हाम्रा परमेश्‍वरको समान को छ र? )

The Popular Encyclopedia of World Religions (The Popular Encyclopedia of World Religions)

The Good and Beautiful God (The Good and Beautiful God)

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Author : James Bryan Smith (लेखक : जेम्स ब्राएन स्मिथ )
Publisher : IVP Books
Published Year : 2009
Endorsement :
Format : Print
Language Origin : English
Language Level : Academic
Cost : Payment Required
Restrictions : No Restriction
Summary :
This deep, loving and transformative book will help to discover the narratives that Jesus lived by--to know the Lord he knew and the kingdom he proclaimed--and to practice spiritual exercises that will help to grow in the knowledge of our good and beautiful God.
Category :
Distributors :
   - EKTA Books Distributors Pvt. Ltd
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